Monday, February 23, 2009

Should have been the 13th Oscar

My previous post on Slumdog Millionaire .


Inspite of so much work, i woke up early and watched the Oscar presentation ceremony. And it was worth the time. ARR won 2 oscars. Not one, TWO. It is indeed a happy day for all the ARR fans and indians in general. To hear Tamil in the Kodak Theatre, is just amazing feeling. Thanks ARR for that. ARR already enjoys a God-like status in India. This is just going to elevate his status. (And thank god, atleast during this ceremony, they didnt pronounce his name wrong. In golden globe, it was Ruhman, in tonight show it was A.J.Raman. Even though the hot latino women who presented the award stressed the 'h' in Rahman, it was not so bad)

The music for the movie was indeed good. No doubts there. The jai ho song was good as well. But i kinda liked O..Saya better. But lets face it, this is not ARR's best work. According to AR Rahman standards, this is just a normal movie. Compared to his many other previous movies, Slumdog doesnt even deserve to be mentioned. I have listed few movies (not in any particular order) which i feel are far better than Slumdog. (considering only ARR's work)

1. Kannathil Muthamittal
2. Roja
3. Bombay
4. Rangeela
5. Iruvar
6. Dil se
7. Alaipayuthey
8. Lagaan
9. Ayutha ezuthu
10. Rang de Basanthi
11. Guru

Every one of the above movies are better than Slumdog, music wise. What i am trying to say is, ARR is a truly deserving musician. And this Oscar recognition is quite late. And if Slumdog can get him 2 oscars, then he should have won oscars for all the above mentioned movies. Let all of us be proud of AR Rahman. I am especially proud, as i am from the same state as he is. To hear Tamil in the Oscar presentation is ceremony is a treat to all tamilians.

But there were also things, that i felt could have been better. I think ARR was not prepared for two oscars. It was quite obvious in the second acceptance speech. He swiftly, walked form the stage, even the Spot light cant keep up with his speed. And also, why should they arrange for that lousy Indian dance, before the presentation?

Well, anyways, It is a brilliant day for all Indians and for all Tamilians. And again, ARR IS GOD.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Salaam Bombay

After watching Slumdog millionaire, i thought i had a good picture about the true life in Bombay. But i am so wrong. A friend suggested this movie, Salaam Bombay. It is a really good movie.

It is a true depiction of a life of children in slums in Bombay. I will try to give a quick idea about the movie, with just few key words. Poverty, unemployment, red light area, a crooked pimp who trick young women into prostitution, a prostitute, her daughter, and a young boy, who just wants to make 500 Rs, before he can go home to his village. Add all this and you get a really tragic, true story, and that is Salaam bombay.

Wonderfully made movie. It got Oscar nomination. And 90% of the actors in the movie are from real slums and red light areas. That anonymity adds a bit of reality to the movie. I think that is a big plus. When you see the hero, you get the feeling about what the movie is really about. And just for the record, if Slumdog can get an oscar nomication, this movie should have won an Oscar.

A really tragic movie. I just felt really bad after seeing the movie. It disturbed me so much, i couldnt sleep thinking about this. There are so many people struggling in life and I cant do anything about it. Why is that? When you face questions like this, you always end up questioning the existence of God. If god does exist, why should people suffer like this? Why cant he just forgive and save them all? The whole god theory is just useless. Life is just probability. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you are able to read this post, count yourself lucky. See the movie and you will know what i mean.