Sunday, February 17, 2008

Singapore MRT system

After the project meeting, i was returning to my room, and on my way saw the thrid circle lane coming up in our campus. I mean the new MRT coming in Singapore, which will be fully operational in 2010. Well, if these people say 2010, then 2010 it is. Not like india.

Also i learnt that before 2016, 100 more MRTs are coming up in singapore. For someone who doesnt know singapore well, when all these 100 more MRTs are constructed, you will be able to see the next MRT from the current one. That is how small the country is and how much more MRT stations they are going to add. It is quite astonishing.

I compare this with chennai, which is almost equal in size as in singapore. But 3 times the population of singapore. Chennai roughly has 20 stations, with a very low number of people using the MRTS everyday. I can see how far we still lag behind singapore. I can only worry about it. Nothing can be done.

Apprantly the government here wants to reduce the number of cars and encourage the poeple to use the MRT instead of cars. Nice move, i should say. Very nice indeed. Instead of cars just clogging the streets, they can reduce the traffic; they can reduce the number of accidents; they can reduce the amount of petrol used and eventually reduce the dependence of the country on oil; they can reduce inflation as people will be saving a lot more than normal, etc,etc,etc..... Above all, what makes me happy the most is, they will reduce the green house gas emission in singapore. All the countries should learn from this small, but smart country.

Way to go !!

NIU Massacre

Just wanted to reflect my thoughts after learning about the tragic NIU incident.

Why so many massacres in schools? Why in US alone? Is it because the youth in US are really stressed out? Is it because they dont have a filter for their stress?

Or is it a global phenomeno in every school, which we are not sure yet, as the "Guns for your safelty" culture is not widespread as it is in US?

Something has to be done. Life is not supposed to be this hard. It is not supposed to be this complex. But why is it so ? Did we humans make it into a complex filth, by our ideas and systems?

We humans, assume materialistic things are important. We define success and failure. We define winner and loser. Are we stringent in our definition? If so, can it be changed? i sincerely doubt it. People who are "successful" are successful because all others define success that way. As we define it, that is where the problem starts.

I would say, the Gun culture in US is the biggest problem why innocent people are killed for one persons wishes. May be the guy wanted to tell the world something that he thought will be powerful if he did it this way. Two things they can do, restrict the usage of guns or make the world a better place to live. The second one is far away from reality. So temporarily, they can do the first one.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

First of all,

Before i tried to write a blog, i tried to find any reason, why i should write one. I was worried if i will be able to maintain it. Am writing the blog now, but it doesnt mean i am truly convinced that i will be able to maintain it, but i am truly convinced that i should try.

After some time, When i read all my blog entries, i should get a different feeling, good or bad, doesnt matter. I should be able to recall the thoughts. May be possibly change my ideas and views.

That is my end expectation.